Understand The Benefits of Working with Logistics Consultant Can Help Streamline Your Supply Chain Processes

A logistic consultant is a professional who assists companies by optimizing their supply chains and other operations, such as customer service and distribution.

Optimizing Your Supply Chain

Our team of logistics consultants are experts in providing solutions that help businesses optimise their logistics operations. Whether it’s managing inventory, improving supply chain efficiency, or streamlining transportation, our consultants are equipped to handle a wide range of logistics challenges. We are often contacted by customers when they need to make changes to their logistics arrangements in order to meet the demands of their latest business plans or sales forecasts.

Analyzing the Benefits of Re-designing Your Supply Chain System for Maximum Efficiency

Leading the Supply Chain & e-distribution activities including Logistic design & re-design; continuous process improvement; budget management; work force training; monitoring & retention; reverse logistics; product life-cycle management; change management; vendor relationships; service part logistics; contract negotiations; Supply Chain Optimisation; Cost avoidance.

Strategy & Planning – In partnership with the company’s promoters and management, opportunities for innovation, identifying opportunities & risks and delivering the company’s pricing, Fulfillment warehousing, Inventory management, Bonded warehouse inventory management, CHA activities, Freight & Logistic activities, and last mile distribution.

Evaluating and identifying best in industry practices to support company’s online selling through marketplace model. Negotiating with International & domestic online selling portals and assessment of marketplace obstacles, and logistic hurdles to the business success.

Strategic, decisive and motivational leader with extensive warehouse management experience. Skilled in tough decision making, escalated problem resolution, and achievement of goals with challenging environments. In-depth understanding of supply chain and logistics disciplines with frequent success in optimizing time, resources, and costs. Strong background as Crisis management experts.